How to be Successful Using Instagram

The music industry has changed. The music store is a dying breed as digital music and now streaming options such as Spotify, Pandora,, Soundcloud and others have allowed people to listen more music without ever having to step foot in a record store.

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Want to Network?

I’ll be honest. I’m not the most social person but I have done a great job at networking and connecting with some amazing people around the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.

Here are some tips that may help you be successful as well.

Use LinkedIn to find people at a company you are interested in learning more about. If you have grown your LinkedIn connections you should be able to find somebody in your network that can connect you to a person in almost any company in the area. Reach out through the person you know and have them make an introduction for you.

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How to Get Started with Paid Search

I’ve been sitting on an ebook I wrote for about 2 years. My plan was to write it, make it look pretty, and then distribute it. Well, I got as far as finishing the first step (I have minimal design skills) and got stuck. My NEW plan is to offer the first chapter on the Vibrantorange blog and then finally get around to finding somebody with design skills to help me make the ebook look pretty. If that is you, let me know.

And now…the ebook.

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What Naked and Afraid Can Teach You About Marketing

My wife and I stumbled across the show Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel a couple of months ago and it quickly became one of our favorite shows. The show features a man and a woman stripped down to nothing (genitals blurred) and dropped off in a remote location (areas in season 1 included:A Louisiana Bayou, Tanzania and Borneo), given 1 item each and expected to survive for 21 days before trekking to an extraction point. The man and woman do not meet until they reach a specified meeting point.

While you may not think that seeing a man and a woman left out in the wilderness for 21 days may not teach you about much aside from how to purify water and that not all parts of a turtle are edible, I learned a few lessons that helped me think about marketing differently.

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Starbucks Foursquare Failure

I taught 6th grade for a year and as a result I ended up with a nice little caffeine addiction due to the long days. After I left teaching and moved back into the tech/start-up world, I got my coffee fix from Starbucks instead of the watered-down coffee they had in the cafeteria. My wife and I would stop at the same Starbucks every morning after we got the kids off to school and we’d even go on the weekends as a family as it was a nice way to start our day together. About 70% of the time I’d check-in using Foursquare and, as you can imagine, I locked down the mayorship rather quickly and held it for a long time amassing 757 check-ins to a single Starbuck location.

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