Archive: May 4, 2015

What Naked and Afraid Can Teach You About Marketing

My wife and I stumbled across the show Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel a couple of months ago and it quickly became one of our favorite shows. The show features a man and a woman stripped down to nothing (genitals blurred) and dropped off in a remote location (areas in season 1 included:A Louisiana Bayou, Tanzania and Borneo), given 1 item each and expected to survive for 21 days before trekking to an extraction point. The man and woman do not meet until they reach a specified meeting point.

While you may not think that seeing a man and a woman left out in the wilderness for 21 days may not teach you about much aside from how to purify water and that not all parts of a turtle are edible, I learned a few lessons that helped me think about marketing differently.

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Starbucks Foursquare Failure

I taught 6th grade for a year and as a result I ended up with a nice little caffeine addiction due to the long days. After I left teaching and moved back into the tech/start-up world, I got my coffee fix from Starbucks instead of the watered-down coffee they had in the cafeteria. My wife and I would stop at the same Starbucks every morning after we got the kids off to school and we’d even go on the weekends as a family as it was a nice way to start our day together. About 70% of the time I’d check-in using Foursquare and, as you can imagine, I locked down the mayorship rather quickly and held it for a long time amassing 757 check-ins to a single Starbuck location.

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